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Our Garden

29th July 2019

The Scottish Government have been putting an emphasis on green outside areas for children so Ellie came up with the idea for old tyres to be used for play and to plant in. 
We spoke with T P Gifford garage and they happily supplied us with about 50 tyres. 
Plants were bought and staff and children got stuck in to planting. The plants took off straight away and grew really well. We have beetroot, sunflowers, broccoli, herbs, peas, raspberries and more besides. 

We did have cabbage but it came to an abrupt end when they were discovered, to the children’s delight, to be covered in caterpillars! They have now completely eaten all our cabbages and moved happily onto our broccoli and started to devour them too. The children have had an amazing time watching the caterpillars, gathering them, looking for them and trying to count them. 

This maybe hasn’t gone the way we necessarily wanted it too, but it’s been a super example of nature for the children. We hope we get lots of butterflies now too and don’t worry - no caterpillars were harmed in the making of this garden.