Please look through our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch.

Q. What age groups does Hame Fae Hame cater for?

A. We can take children aged 12 months to 12 years.

Q. Can I use my free childcare hours at Hame Fae Hame?
A. Yes, we are an approved provider for using your childcare allowance.

Q. I work on a rota so my working days change regularly, can Hame Fae Hame cater for this?
A. We try to offer flexibility but it isn’t always possible.  If you can provide your rota to us as early as possible we will do our to meet your requirements.

Q. Do I still pay when we are away on holiday?
A. No, you only pay for the days your child(ren) is at Hame Fae Hame.

Q. If my child is ill on a day they should be at Hame Fae Hame what should I do?
A. Please phone us as soon as possible to let us know your child won’t be coming in and also check our exclusion times to see how long they should remain off.

Q. How long should I keep my child home after an illness?
A. There are different exclusion times for different illnesses and infections, as set by Health Protection Scotland.  Please see the exclusion criteria here.

Q. Does you accept Childcare Vouchers?
A. Yes, we are registered to accept childcare vouchers.

Q. Are you registered for Tax-Free childcare?
A. Yes, we are registered for Tax-Free childcare.

Q. Do you have the resources to take children with additional needs?
A. Hame Fae Hame is open to everyone and our staff are trained to deal with all level of needs.  Please phone or call along to discuss your child’s requirements.

Q. What do I need to provide for my child while he/she is at Hame Fae Hame?
A. Please ensure your child comes with suitable outerwear and footwear as we try to go outside as much as possible.  We also ask that children come with a spare set of clothes, nappies (if applicable) and wipes.  Please do not dress your child in any special items of clothing as accidents can always happen.  In addition, you can include anything that may comfort your child i.e. dummies, teddies etc although we cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any personal items.

Q. What happens if there is snow or storms?  Will Hame Fae Hame close early?
A. We follow the schools in relation to weather issues.  If the SIC issues a blanket closure of schools due to weather we will also be closing. If this is the case we will put information on our social media and website.  In no circumstances, will a child be left alone. Staff will remain in the premises until all children are collected.

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