Funded Places Available at Hame fae Hame

We want to make everyone aware of the opportunity for Funded Places at Hame Fae Hame […]

Tesco Delivery of Appreciation!

Shetland’s excellent Tesco branch came around this week to present us with two healthy & fantastic […]

Meet The Team – Charlotte!

Preferred Name Charlotte πŸ‘‹ Favourite Colour Purple πŸ’œ Favourite Place in Shetland Quendale Beach πŸ– Favourite […]
Anna - Hame fae Hame

Meet The Team – Anna, also known as Nana!

Preferred Name Anna / NanaπŸ‘‹ Favourite Colour Grey ☁ Favourite Place in Shetland The Cliffs By […]
Megan Hame fae Hame

Meet The Team – Megan!

Preferred Name Megan πŸ‘‹ Favourite Colour Blue πŸ”΅ Favourite Place in Shetland Meal Beach, Uyea & […]

Megan & Kaye ‘Give Us A Tune!’ – Again! (BBC Radio Shetland)

BBC Radio Shetland had Hame fae Hame‘s Kaye & Megan back again last Friday for their […]
Kaye Sandison of Hame fae Hame

Meet The Team – Kaye!

Preferred Name Kaye πŸ‘‹ Favourite Colour Lime Green 🟒 Favourite Place in Shetland Home 🏑 Favourite […]

Leaders Council Podcast Features Hame fae Hame’s Kaye Sandison

Hame fae Hame’s owner & manager, Kaye Sandison recently featured on the Leaders Council Podcast where […]

Hame fae Hame’s Commitment to Apprenticeships | Shetland College Case Study

Hame fae Hame and our very own Kaye recently featured in the latest Shetland College case […]
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